Snowbound in Olympia

Across the street from our house

This is my first winter in Washington, and one of the most exciting things to me was the promise of a milder winter. There would be no heavy snows. No need to wear three pairs of gloves and socks and still suffer cold feet and fingers. No icy streets waiting for the snow plow.

Olympia, 2008

And then a huge snowstorm hit Olympia, the kind of storm they only see every 20 years or so, along with icy sidewalks, frozen fingers and toes, canceled school, icicles, and roads that the city of Olympia cannot possibly keep plowed/salted/sanded. So we’ve been snowed in for days and days. Fortunately we have a lot of groceries & entertainment. Geez, at least in Pennsylvania the road crews would have plowed and salted every time another 8 inches fell. Anyway, we have some cute photos of our snowy house and Levi shoveling the back walkway.

Levi, sidewalk clearer

Who knew shoveling could be so fun?

Clementine Camouflaged

Fortunately we all have good boots!

My car was cleaned off yesterday!

Icicles on the rooftop

It looks like it’s all going to melt before Christmas, but we’re enjoying it while we can. Stay warm, everyone.


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