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With the weather getting colder, and a nasty cold dragging everyone in our house down, we’ve been doing a lot of soup cooking this week. We made vegan chili sans carne from the Dirty South vegan cookbook. We made tomato soup from the most popular cookbook in our house, Veganomicon, and curry split pea soup from a book by the same author Vegan with a vengeance. I baked dozens of muffins, carrot/apple muffins, lemon poppyseed muffins, and some other kind i can’t even remember now. I mean to make garlic soup almost every day, but it hasn’t happened yet. This morning, we had some delicious heart-shaped vegan apple waffles, since it’s Saturday and Levi slept in.

But the crown jewel of this week in food? Krista’s black-bottom pumpkin pie vegan cupcake. Using fairly traditional recipes for black bottom cupcakes, and vegan pumpkin pie, these little morsels soar to greatness. The chocolate cupcake is dense, moist with deep cacao goodness while Ghirardelli chocolate chips nestle in the pumpkin filling.

Also, this week, the Olympia Film Festival has been keeping us busy. I’ve been volunteering like crazy at the ticket booth, but Krista and I managed to see a few movies throughout the week. Levi’s been saving up his movie-watching abilities for ALL FREAKIN’ NIGHT – a legendary sold-out all-night screening of scary movies. I’ve seen some spectacular movies. It’s so good to support independent cinema.


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2 responses to “Baking & Cooking

  1. Laura

    Can I come eat at your house? Yum.

  2. jess and krista

    hell yeah!