November! November! November!

We are all crazy for the elections in this household. All of the registered voters in this house have cast their ballots already. Levi can recite the policies and various one-liners from all the major players in this year’s election. We have the sign in our window, stickers on our cars, and buttons for everyone in our family. You saw our VP-debate-themed seven course meal, right? We’re making plans for where we want to watch the election results roll in. It’s nice to be around people at times like that. Maybe it’s because it’s such a historic election. Maybe we’re just exhausted from the last 8 years and ready to be hopeful again. Maybe it feels so important because the structure and stability of our very happy family is on the line this time.

Another fun, family activity for those of you civic-duty-minded parents is to watch hilarious political-themed youtube videos with your kids. Here is a small sampling of some of our faves.

Don’t Speak for Me, Sarah Palin, as performed by a hockey mom to the tune of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.

Here’s a message from today’s young women to Sarah Palin (this one brought a little tear to my eye, actually)

This little ditty from our pals in Russia – well, I just can’t get it out of my head. Doggone it, you betcha.

The only poll that counts is the last one. Please vote.


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