Halloween in Olympia

I have had a lot of great Halloween’s in my day, but the weather this year was PERFECT! It was the spookiest, foggiest, scariest Halloween I’ve ever seen. It was only a little chilly; enough to enjoy warm apple cider, but not so cold the trick-or-treating was insufferable. We trick or treated at some houses that were very scary for the normal reasons, you know, like corpses, graveyards, skeletons, scary noises, and unsettling costumes.

And we visited some houses that were scary for totally different reasons!

But in red, blue, or purple states, candy is candy! Halloween helps us reach across the aisle for bipartisan cooperation in getting our kids hyped on sugar for days. Speaking of the children, here’s some pics of Levi. He decided to dress as a bank robber in a suit & a pig mask. It was a really cute and funny costume, and he liked explaining to everyone that it was ironic and also, very clever.

Levi and Governor Christine “dora the explorer” Gregoire!
We trick-or-treated the Governor’s Mansion because she hands out books! Also, we found out that Levi is taller than the governor! Whoa! He made a point of telling the troopers that his gun isn’t real, and they said, “We believe you!” Left to right — the governor’s husband dressed as a purple monkey, the governor, Levi, and his friend, Sebastian, the vampire.

This is the only decent pic I got of Levi & his mom. He did hold us hostage at various points in the night.

And here’s a picture of me & Levi. I hope this picture conveys the horror and terror we were going for. More on krista’s & my costumes in a second.

krista and i went with the very easy “Undead ______” costumes. Recipe: wear your normal clothes. add some unsettling green and blue tones to your face to show that blood flow has ceased. add bruises to your eye sockets to complete the look. In this picture we were “Undead Newlyweds.” We were also “Undead Mom and Undead Stepmom,” “Undead Gays,” and “Undead Hungry-For-Pizza” throughout the night.

Levi & Sebastian trick-or-treated until the porch lights went off, and then watched very spooky and scary movies while they ate approximately 12,000 pounds of candy. Krista and I fell asleep before the opening scene of our scary movie ended. Ha! Krista asked me to mention that she had been awake since 3:30am. I, personally, had no excuse for being so tired.


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