Celebrating our love

We did elope, but we wanted to have a party to celebrate our new marriage and share our love with our fantastic families! So, party we did. On October 10, 2008, we had an intimate get-together hosted by Deanna & Duane’s in their lovely home. Our beloved friends & family came from near and far – my Aunt Lynne held the record for miles traveled, all the way from New Jersey. It was catered by our friends, Jordan & Melanie, the Bearded Lady Catering Company. The feast was Southern-themed, vegan-friendly, and the food exceeded our wildest expectations!

For beer, we served two Fish Tale Brewery ales, a pale ale & an IPA obviously. These are delicious, organic beers made right here in Olympia, WA. They were even hand-delivered by one of our guests, Max. Thanks so much, Max! On one of my first trips to the PNW, I had a Fish Tale ale & knew that I could make do any place with brews like that.

We also had an organic 2006 chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon from Bonterra Vineyards, in Mendocino County. We drove past there on our epic roadtrip! Special thanks to Deanna, Krista’s mom, for her tireless efforts to pair the wines with the party, with help from Khalilah. For our toast with the family legacy toasting flutes, Deanna also picked out a delicious prosecoo del vento brut, from Puntoevirgola, which came to us through the PCC Natural Market.

The food was so delicious. Roasted brocolli with pecans & veggie bacon, served alongside fried tomatoes, served with buttermilk lime creme.

The vegan protein came in the form of spicy peach glazed seitan wings. I have eaten some delicious seitan hot wings in my time, but these were especially good. The texture was great & the glaze was finger-lickin’ good; these are the two most important elements in a good vegan wing. In the background you can see the delicious macaroni & cheese that stole my heart – I even told Krista in the middle of the party that I had to leave her for the mac & cheese. I was kidding, of course, but it really was that good. So much good cheese, covered in the most delicate buttery bread crumbs. I hope the whole roasted chicken with citrus and applewood smoked bacon was good — did you try it? Will you tell me if it was good? You can leave a comment on this entry. Don’t forget to tell us who you are.

We also had biscuits & southern cream gravy and braised greens (mustard greens & kale) -this was the same first meal we shared. There were mountains of mashed potatoes with garlic that were a crowd-pleaser. You can see much of this lovely spread as plated by Jennifer Birch in this picture. Jen is one of my dearest friends from Pittsburgh, who relocated to Seattle before me, over a year ago. You may recognize her as one of the witnesses from our wedding.

All the food was dished up family-style on a small buffet. Here’s a few shots of my mom & myself.

Oh! Dessert! For the non-vegan, nut-eating party-goers, Jordan & Melanie produced the most exquisite individual pecan pies, with whiskey caramel sauce and cinnamon whipped cream. I saw Levi sweet-talking someone into extra caramel sauce for his pie. He’s a smart kid; that stuff was delicious.

For the vegan (hi, jen!) / non-nut-eaters (hi, daddy!), we had an amazing chocolate cake with layers upon delicious layers and chocolate icing from Honey Bear Bakery in Lake Forest Park, WA. Holy crap, those bakers outdid themselves. I saw a lot of people sampling and exclaiming over this cake. It also doesn’t hurt that it was gorgeous. (Look in the background and you can see the tiny pecan pies being prepared for slaughter)

We had some thoughtful, touching, wonderful toasts with the sparkling prosecco. Thanks so much for everyone’s well wishes. By the end of the night, I felt like my heart was spilling over with an infinite well of love from all of our family and friends. I even cried multiple times over the cards and letters and sweet diorama. We both want to thank everyone so much for coming & being so sweet to us. Laughter, stories, and our hearts full of love – is there a better way to start our lives together? I can’t think of one.

I especially want to thank anyone who told embarrassing baby Jessica stories to Krista! Ha!

I know a lot of people took group photos, but we didn’t — I don’t have many of them, so if you can email me your best shots, you can send to me at skirtmuseum at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance!


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