Home at last.

Count yourself lucky to be seeing our view from the car as we pulled into Olympia just after nine tonight and not the image I really wanted to post. I have been threatening to photograph the bug carnage on the front bumper of the car, but it is way too dark and I think Jess might not let me get away with it anyway. It is possible that thousands of little creatures committed bug suicide on our trip around the country, and I’m not even counting them when I say that in the last ten days (and 4,131 miles) I saw more roadkill than the sum total of all roadkill I’ve encountered during the rest of my life. This trip included a skunk that was flattened Looney Tunes style on the road, like a little skunk pancake. Somehow I doubt he peeled himself up off the road after we passed by. Anyway, here we are, at home and in bed with cats curled at our feet and sand between our toes, trying to import hundreds of photos. Please start mentally preparing now for the photo onslaught. 

I keep thinking that I can’t believe that ten days ago we were in Pittsburgh and eight days ago we were in Memphis and six days ago we were standing on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. You probably won’t believe it either because the photos of us at the Grand Canyon look like someone pulled down a phony backdrop and took our picture in front of it.

I’ve never lived out of a car before and didn’t know what to expect from life on the road. It is a different lifestyle, to say the least, and we were really loving it until about the middle of today when it suddenly hit us that we were almost home. Yesterday we were remarking that we never wanted our trip to end and today we actually veered off our planned course for the first time the entire trip to get home a little faster. We did manage to fit in beaches, a light house, sand dunes, and a failed attempt at seeing some sea lions before heading east to Eugene, OR, stopping in Portland for vegetarian Chinese, Voodoo donuts and Stumptown coffee.

Just so you don’t feel deprived, here are some photos of the sand dunes in Florence, OR. Jess had never been in the state of Oregon, much less seen a sand dune, before today.


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