Good morning?

Greetings from Coos Bay, OR on the very last day of our honeymoon. Yesterday our minds were blown as we drove along the Avenue of the Giants in the redwood forest and up the coast of California and Oregon. We have seen so many different terrains across the country, and I was set to be least impressed by the one on my coast. Of course that didn’t work out at all. I wish a photo could show you everything we saw from our view in the trusty little Honda Civic that has carried us almost 4,000 miles. It made a terrible noise when we parked last night. Wish us luck.

Somewhere in the middle of California yesterday we realized that while we were in the Golden State our marriage was recognized and legit, at least until November.

My alarm went off at 5:45 am to tell me it is my last day off from work. First of all, it is not my last day off work and second-of-all, why did I set my alarm to tell me that at such a horrifying hour? It may be the best thing that ever happened since I consulted the tide tables and found out we were about to sleep through low tide. I managed to get Jess out of bed and we’re making coffee and off to try to see some sea anemones or something before we drive a little further up the coast, east to Portland, and then north to our destination of Olympia, WA.


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