San Francisco, CA

We started the day in Palm Springs, and drove a few miles to Cabazon, where the dinosaurs and restaurant from PeeWee’s Big Adventure are located. Krista said she has always wanted to go there, and hey, it was a little out of the way (like a few hours of driving through the Mojave Desert!) but you have to see things you always wanted to see if you are driving across the country, right?

We toured the dinos – which have recently been turned into the centerpieces of a Creationist Museum, where evidence is presented to refute the lies of Darwin – dinosaurs do not come from birds, just look at them. Humans & dinos DID live at the same time – what do you think dragons are?! Dinos are not extinct. Just check out the Loch Ness monster! Duh!

It was enlightening, to say the least. I would really like to say more about it, but the woman who was staffing the museum got upset that we were taking too many photos of the creationist placards, and asked us if we were going to write bad stuff about them on the internet. Since I told her I wasn’t planning on it, I won’t. I don’t have bad things to say, but the truth – it’s scary. My only comment is that I hope that touring school groups have the good sense to skip this field trip, even if they do have robotic dinosaurs you can ride.

Can’t stop the Velosa-dance party!

Fortunately, the Wheel Inn is staffed by some nice ladies, who were so sweet to us & more than made up for the crazies running the creationist museum and robotic gift shop. We bought some souvenirs and ate some lunch – they even have veggie burgers ! The waitress said “Tell ’em Large Marge sent ya!” in her best Large Marge voice when we asked about the movie! It was amazing!!!

Krista drove through Los Angeles, which was a huge relief since LA makes me insane! We didn’t even stop at all, and we missed bad traffic, despite my previous experiences in LA traffic. We drove across California and saw a lot of things like big hills, small hills, vineyards, orchards, etc. Krista’s mom told me stories on the phone about how Krista cried as a small child when she was locked in a cell at Alcatraz. I don’t think we’re going to have time to go to Alcatraz and repeat the experience, unfortunately. We arrived in San Francisco, finally! The bridge we drove in on (not the golden gate, but some other bridge) was so gigantic and I was stuck behind a very slow truck. It was really hard to merge fast enough into another lane. We have parked the car and it’s unlikely we will move it again until we leave the city.

Tonight and tomorrow, we are staying in a hostel down by Fisherman’s Wharf. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge from our window, and Alcatraz is visible with a short walk. Krista’s friend totally hooked us up with a sweet free private room, suitable for a honeymoonin’ couple. Tomorrow we plan to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SF MOMA – many of these paintings haven’t been seen in the US for decades, and who knows when/if they will be back. We’re going to enjoy the vegan restaurants around town, since the home-cooked vegan food my mom packed us has run out, and we’ll enjoy the company of some friends. I can’t believe we’re here in SF already! Time flies! It is really really pretty here, even though we just walked around the Wharf late at night and then came home.

Special Note to my Mom – Alcatraz has an awfully nice lighthouse, maybe you should visit it.

So far, we have traveled about 3,180 miles & still going strong. Thanks for reading!


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