Palm Springs, CA

Good morning from beautiful Palm Springs, CA. We drove in late last night after dark, and didn’t even realize we rode into a time travel vortex from the 1990s. Oh yes, our fancy Hyatt Regency hotel looks like it was the set for the 1990 hit, Pretty Woman.

More importantly, yesterday was our big big day at the Grand Canyon!! DANG!, that is some kind of natural wonder! Our minds were sufficiently blown by the majesty. Once again, we took 100000 photos but we haven’t uploaded any of them yet. Here are a few quick cell phone shots to tide you over.

Here’s a shot of our shadows holding hands at Grandview Overlook.

Here we are, being newlyweds, at the Grandview Overlook.

We also saw a meteorite crater yesterday (50,000 years old! DANG!) and the Little Colorado River Gorge, which was our “training canyon” to “warm us up” for the majesty of the real big thing. Our theme yesterday was obviously GIANT HOLES IN THE GROUND. We tried to see the Sunset Crater but just plain ran out of time. We watched the sunset over the Western Arizona mountains. Today we’re driving north through California, from Palm Springs to the Bay Area, and we have a few exciting stops planned along the way.

We miss you so much, but I can’t believe we are more than halfway through this trip. I never want it to end! Even though I’m tired of the 3 outfits I have, I am really enjoying living in my car with Krista.


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