Yesterday was amazing! We woke up in Memphis & realized our hotel was right next to the mighty silvery pyramid of Memphis. We had coffee at the Bluff City Coffee, and walked around downtown Memphis to see the Civil Rights Museum, which has memorialized the exact site where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. We didn’t have time to go into the museum, but seeing the death site was a very moving experience.

We headed across town to Graceland, the house where Elvis Lives. It was super touristy, with lots and lots of lines and one kazillion shops – Buy Elvis’s photos here. Buy Elvis Teddy Bears Here. Buy Elvis in the Movies Here. Buy an Elvis T Shirt Here. And a Milk Shake. The tour was a self-guided audio tour, and I will admit fully that I enjoyed it more than I thought I possibly could. The Jungle Room? Holy macaroni, it was amazing! The stuff from Lisa Marie’s nursery was really cool, too. I feel like Graceland does a good job of making Elvis seem like a real, whole person beyond the American icon.

We ate a late lunch at R.P. Trax and savored the BBQ tofu before we head into the most boring stretch of the drive – out of Memphis, through Arkansas (boring and flat) and through half of Oklahoma. Fortunately it was dark for much of the drive so we didn’t have to stare at the boring, boring boringness of Arkansas. We did have a delightful experience in a Phillips 66 Kountry Xpress, where the whole town was gathered to watch a band cover songs like “Earth Angel,” and got soda from the machine with flavor shots – cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper? Yes please! We also stopped for some Sonic: America’s Drive-In. I, personally, loved Sonic growing up in the southern parts of our nation, but Krista had never had it. The Java Chiller with a Sonic Boom (translation: blended coffee milkshake with an extra espresso shot) was surprisingly not too sweet, and pretty tasty.

Krista drove the home stretch into Oklahoma, Native America, and then I finished up the dark dark drive on the two-lane “highways” until we arrived at my parent’s house (Krista’s IN LAWS cause, hey, we’re married) around 1:30am, and fell asleep for many hours. Now, we are planning out our day. We’re resting here for a day, and then we’re going West!


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