We’ve been waiting for so long, it is difficult to imagine that our honeymoon roadtrip is only a few weeks away. I have officially informed my landlord, friends, colleagues, and today, my boss, that I will be vacating the Steel Valley in September. We have a rough version of our route and stops worked out. We will spend the next several weeks sewing up all the details.

I think I am doing a phenomenal job of emptying my apartment, giving so many gifts to friends and neighbors and people from freecycle community. Freecycle is a great way to get rid of things that still have some life in them, but no more room in your life. It helps to ease the burden on landfills, and it’s easy as pie. So next time you think, “well, this great (((random thing))) isn’t worn out and doesn’t deserve to be in a landfill, but hell if I know what to do with it…” Just post it on Freecycle. Human nature is such that people will take virtually anything free and find a use for it.


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