The Location

I admit, originally we thought we would just take a quick jaunt up to B.C. and have a civil government ceremony, but it turns out it doesn’t work like that in B.C. We found a great marriage commissioner, J. McRee Elrod, and then we had to find a location. We checked out parks and other outdoor locations in Vancouver and Victoria. We even looked at a lighthouse. Then, our marriage commissioner said that he allows us to use his beautiful home as the location as part of his marriage commisionerly duties. We drove to his home, a little bit outside of Victoria, and pulled up to his driveway:

It was steep and winding, up and up and up towards the clouds. At the very top of the driveway, it felt like we were on top of the world! We found this gorgeous log cabin house.

The day was perfect and clear, and the 3pm shade lent us a side of the house with a wide wooden deck. The ceremony, coffee, tea, and cake all took place outdoors. The day was so clear, you could see Mt. Baker and the Strait of Juan de Fuca behind the commissioner during our vows. During the cake, we even had some visitors to wish us well. A couple of deer!

Mac’s house is really beautiful. I told him, “If I lived here, I would never leave!” He said he finds it difficult to tear himself away.


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