After the vows and “I Do’s,” we had coffee and tea and cake on the deck of Mac’s house. we spent a lot of time trying to find the “right cake” from a specific baker, but like so many things in our lives, our best-laid plans had to be traded in for a better “Plan B.” We ended up at The Market on Yates a few hours before the ceremony. It was a nice, small grocery in the heart of Victoria, like a little Whole Foods. We found this lovely Lemon Zinger cake with white chocolate icing. The sweet girl behind the bakery counter personalized it for us while we wandered around for a few minutes, and we carried it gently to the car. It was delicious! We even fed a bite to each other, although I don’t think there’s a picture of that Romantic Moment(tm).

While we were waiting for the cake, we also picked out flowers and had the bouquet arranged by another very sweet lady in the flower department. We picked out the flowers together in the cooler, and 10 minutes later the bouquet was in our hands. I think we picked the right flowers, some white mums & green hydrangeas. On our way out, the florist said “Congratulations!”


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