getting our license

Our marriage commissioner told us that we could pick up our license on our way to the ceremony, but if you have ever met my wife, a plan like that leaves far too much to chance. What if something went wrong? It would ruin our wedding, and that would be completely unacceptable. So we took a special trip to Vancouver the first week of May to acquire our license and get permission from the nation of Canada to be legally wed.

Vancouver is really, really pretty. We got a really fancy hotel downtown and had a great time exploring the city. we visited the Marimekko store and admired their beautiful textiles. We visited the vancouver aquarium where we saw a pregnant beluga, some amazing starfish, and some really really cute sea lions & otters.

We hit a little bit of a snafu when we tried to go to the Coast Capital Credit Union to get our license. Unbeknownst to us, canada was celebrating Victoria Day and the banks were all closed. no national holiday can stand between us and our marriage, though. we found a London Drug with an insurance counter, where a nice man sold us a Canadian marriage license, asking “you are the couple?” he typed out our personal details, and showed it to us. We corrected his spelling on a few words, he typed it again, and then we paid. it was simple! on the way out the door, he called to us, “Have a nice life!” Thanks! we plan on it!


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